Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bob Walkenhorst, December 28, 2005 at the Record Bar

It was mostly all Bob originals. Which is actually kind of unusual.

I got there late. But, since they played 40 minutes extra, I almost got a full 2 hours anyway.

Jeff did John Prine's "Paradise" and his own "15 miles". Bob did, "The Race Is On", which I love every time. Though Bob hasn't stolen it (in my mind) from Sawyer Brown. Rather, each time Bob does it I more and more desire a recording of the Sawyer Brown version of the song. Mark Miller (Sawyer Brown lead singer) and Bob each bring their own individuality to the song. :) Those and "Information" are the only non Bob-penned tunes I recall. (So unless I'm being forgetful, "Down on the Corner" and "I Walk The Line", mentioned by Jim in his post on the Rainmakers message board, were done before I got there.)

Lots of dancing. And not just by me. The last half hour of the show was a dance fest. Shortly after 10, maybe 10:05 or so, they did "Doomsville", which while it's got a beat one can dance too, just mood wise, isn't really a dance song. In my mind anyway. After that it was non stop dance tunes. And each one I wondered if it was the last song, but then Bob would launch into another. "Width of a Line", "The Race Is On", "Jan Vermeer", "Another Guitar" and "Information" were all in there. And somehow I'd forgotten them ending with "One More Summer" until I read Jim's post. There may be more that were in that dance song set. Not sure.

Bob mentioned that in March it will be 3 years since they started doing weekly shows at Molloy's, now the Record Bar. And it's already been over 3 years since they started playing there.

With all those dance songs, and space to dance, I was way worn out at the end of the show. But somehow, I didn't mind. :)

Elders shows used to wear me out, but they've gotten to be too darn crowded for proper dancing. Good thing I got Bob shows to dance at.

So, having been to Elders shows there, I don't know if I can go along with Jim's "packed house" description, as I've seen it quite a bit more packed. But it was quite full. Every seat taken and then some. But room for dancing and walking around and such. :)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bob Walkenhorst, November 30, 2005 at the Record Bar

Good show.

I missed most of John Northern's set. I got there for the last song, "I Carry No One's Cross But My Own". I'm told Bob joined him on stage for a song.

Just Jeff and Bob. Darin doing sound.

You know, having just Bob and Jeff, without Norm, could make it feel like something missing. Like something less. Ah, but Bob and Jeff didn't let it be that. Like, especially, they did several songs that weren't stuff they usually do. Sometimes mostly just one of them playing. Bob did "No Abandon" again. Good song. And, I think, "Autumn Song", unless I'm getting my songs mixed up.

And Jeff treated us to several songs that will be on his album that Bob and Jeff continue to work on. Mostly stuff we haven't heard before, though "I Don't Wear Hats" (I think that's the title) he's done before. These weren't together as a set. Rather, scattered through the set. My favorite was "15 Miles". I won't tell you about the song. Better, I think, to just hear it. But it's a good song. And will probably be the title song. (As in, as I understand it, the plan is for that to be the title, but it ain't set in stone yet, however it's not likely the title will change.)

Some stories in there too worth hearing, as well as the good music.

The evening had a comfy feel. :)