Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bob Walkenhorst, November 30, 2005 at the Record Bar

Good show.

I missed most of John Northern's set. I got there for the last song, "I Carry No One's Cross But My Own". I'm told Bob joined him on stage for a song.

Just Jeff and Bob. Darin doing sound.

You know, having just Bob and Jeff, without Norm, could make it feel like something missing. Like something less. Ah, but Bob and Jeff didn't let it be that. Like, especially, they did several songs that weren't stuff they usually do. Sometimes mostly just one of them playing. Bob did "No Abandon" again. Good song. And, I think, "Autumn Song", unless I'm getting my songs mixed up.

And Jeff treated us to several songs that will be on his album that Bob and Jeff continue to work on. Mostly stuff we haven't heard before, though "I Don't Wear Hats" (I think that's the title) he's done before. These weren't together as a set. Rather, scattered through the set. My favorite was "15 Miles". I won't tell you about the song. Better, I think, to just hear it. But it's a good song. And will probably be the title song. (As in, as I understand it, the plan is for that to be the title, but it ain't set in stone yet, however it's not likely the title will change.)

Some stories in there too worth hearing, as well as the good music.

The evening had a comfy feel. :)


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