Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bob Walkenhorst at the Soybean Festival in Norborne, MO, August 11, 2006

(Norborne is Bob's home town. Last year he played there as well, but it rained so the show was in the high school gym.)

No rain this year. So the show was outside at the Soybean Theater. So, as Bob told and sang Norborne related stories, we could look around and see the town. Which was pretty cool.
That is, it was cool to be able to look around and see the town as the stories were told and sang. Though the temperatures were cool too. Cool for August, anyway. Clear and not hot -- perfect outdoor concert weather.

I guess there's really not a lot to say as far as details. No surprises in the set list.

I found it interesting that Bob said that he didn't used to be interested in country music, growing up it was the Beatles and rock and roll. Now, see, I grew up, when I was little (70s), listening to country music because that's what my parents listened to. And after discovering rock radio in the 80s, I didn't abandon listening to country music. And then in the 90s I was back to listening to a lot of country because, frankly, it was the best music of the 90s. (Or, rather, the best music getting played on U.S. radio stations. Flirting With the Universe was, after all, a 90s album, even if I never heard it till 2003. :) )

I've gotten so used to country music being part of Bob's repetoire that it's easy to forget that not all that long ago it wasn't. I even remember those days. :)

That was an intro to "Broken Radio", which is about the best county song I've ever heard. In my probably biased opinion. :)

Bob and Jeff and Gary played about an hour and a half. They played till a little past 9 pm. Bob did two songs by himself, "Burgers" and I forget the 2nd. And then "The Day That We Hung Up The Flag" with just Jeff. Then back to all 3 with with "Downstream".

Oh yeah, one more note. I missed Norm. With no show this past Wednesday, and me being out of town the week before, it'd been 2 weeks and a day since I'd seen Norm play live, and 2 weeks and 2 days since seeing him play with Bob. I'm not used to that kind of deprivation. :) I was feeling that pretty strongly early in the show, but by the end of the show I'd forgotten all about Norm. Norm who? :)

Several Wednesday night regulars were there. Along with a lot of locals. Bob noted that someone had asked him if he knows everyone there, and he said he no longer knows everyone in Norborne, but he probably knows everyone who's there at his show.

Early in the show, Bob told us (among other things) that he was nervous. I can't say I'd've known that if he hadn't said so.

And the show ended with "Let My People Go-Go". :) Good song that we don't get to hear too regularly.

Then we called them back out for an encore and got "One More Summer".


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