Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bob Walkenhorst, December 28, 2005 at the Record Bar

It was mostly all Bob originals. Which is actually kind of unusual.

I got there late. But, since they played 40 minutes extra, I almost got a full 2 hours anyway.

Jeff did John Prine's "Paradise" and his own "15 miles". Bob did, "The Race Is On", which I love every time. Though Bob hasn't stolen it (in my mind) from Sawyer Brown. Rather, each time Bob does it I more and more desire a recording of the Sawyer Brown version of the song. Mark Miller (Sawyer Brown lead singer) and Bob each bring their own individuality to the song. :) Those and "Information" are the only non Bob-penned tunes I recall. (So unless I'm being forgetful, "Down on the Corner" and "I Walk The Line", mentioned by Jim in his post on the Rainmakers message board, were done before I got there.)

Lots of dancing. And not just by me. The last half hour of the show was a dance fest. Shortly after 10, maybe 10:05 or so, they did "Doomsville", which while it's got a beat one can dance too, just mood wise, isn't really a dance song. In my mind anyway. After that it was non stop dance tunes. And each one I wondered if it was the last song, but then Bob would launch into another. "Width of a Line", "The Race Is On", "Jan Vermeer", "Another Guitar" and "Information" were all in there. And somehow I'd forgotten them ending with "One More Summer" until I read Jim's post. There may be more that were in that dance song set. Not sure.

Bob mentioned that in March it will be 3 years since they started doing weekly shows at Molloy's, now the Record Bar. And it's already been over 3 years since they started playing there.

With all those dance songs, and space to dance, I was way worn out at the end of the show. But somehow, I didn't mind. :)

Elders shows used to wear me out, but they've gotten to be too darn crowded for proper dancing. Good thing I got Bob shows to dance at.

So, having been to Elders shows there, I don't know if I can go along with Jim's "packed house" description, as I've seen it quite a bit more packed. But it was quite full. Every seat taken and then some. But room for dancing and walking around and such. :)


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