Sunday, June 04, 2006

Elders, Children for Peace in Ireland fundraiser (outside at McBride's), June 3, 2006

Last night was the benefit for Children for Peace in Ireland with the Elders headlining.

I only was there for the Elders. I didn't come earlier, just because I wasn't really in a hanging out mood. Plus I'd stayed up late the night before and had dishes to do before heading out to McBrides.

So, alas, I can't report on the whole event.

They had the parking lot in front of McBride's blocked off, and that's where the stage was. And the people. Well, those not drinking alcoholic beverages anyway. Those were restricted to inside McBrides or the padio. I'll admit to spending a few songs back in the padio. "Love of the Century" was a good song for drinking to. On the other hand when they started "Moore Street Girls" I quickly finished my Harp and headed back out closer to the stage.

But back to the begining. Of the Elders portion of the day, anyway.

The people who had brought their lawn chairs were set up in nice rows, with the first row a full four parking spots back from the stage. Well, after the first or second Elders song, Ian told everyone to move forward. They did. :)

My favorite moment, or moments maybe, of the concert, "Fire in the Hole", Steve and Brent. Like, there's that part, which I always love, where Brent plays this sweet little violin part, and then Steve comes roaring in on guitar, and then after he plays a bit Brent comes back in and Steve and Brent are both going at it, musically. For watching I particularly enjoyed the last bit of that section when they are both going at it. And then again near the end of the song both of them going at it. Good stuff. Wonderful.

One guy yelled out a request several times for "1848". Maybe his ancestors got here a year before Michael Bliss's? :) The Elders did play "1849". I think that was one of the last songs before the encore. The encore was "Devil's Tongue".

"Fire in the Hole" and "1849" are the only songs I recall them doing this week which they didn't do last Sunday.

And I still love "Right With the World". :)


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