Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Saywer Brown, Nace Brothers, at the Missouri State Fair, August 10, 2006

I like Sawyer Brown.

Sawyer Brown were playing at the Grandstand the first day of this year's Missouri State Fair. With $1 fair admission on the first day of the fair, and $5 to see Sawyer Brown (general admission), it was a very good value.

Sawyer Brown are a great band, both on recordings and playing live. I've seen then several times and I've never been disappointed.

After Sawyer Brown, I went to the Bud Tent to see the Nace Brothers. Free with fair admission. They were good as always, but this was a bit of a let down after the previous show of theirs I attended, a co-headline gig with Bob Walkenhorst at Knuckleheads in July (which I see I didn't blog about). I think Bob playing before them inspired them to do their best. Plus, it was mostly all originals, and I like their originals. I don't think it would have been worthwhile to drive out to Sedalia just to see the Nace Brothers for this particular show (though I did that in 2005 and it was well worth it). But the combination of Sawyer Brown on the big stage and the Nace Brothers in the Bud Tent made the 2 hour drive well worth it.


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