Friday, June 09, 2006

Bob Walkenhorst at the Record Bar, 7 June 2006

(posted at the Rainmakers Message Board)

Opening song was "Like a Rolling Stone". Good song. Except I didn't recognize it till it got to lyrics I recognized. Bob sings it quite differently than Jimmy Nace and Bob and company play it quite differently than the Nace Brothers. Both versions good, but definitely different.

Last song, "The Other Side of the World".

In between, other good songs.

Lilli came to a show for the first time in a while and got mentioned by Bob... "Welcome back to the dance floor -- Lillli!" :)

Bob said he got a call from a radio station. They said they wanted the Rainmakers to reunite because someone is coming to Kansas City. Then Bob takes a break in telling the story. Letting us contemplate that. Someone said Mark Twain. Someone else pointed out that Mark Twain is dead. I said "That [Mark Twain coming to KC] would be worth a Rainmakers renunion". Except I don't think that was my wording. Something like that. Same point. But, anyway, short a resurrection from the dead of an esteemed Missouri author, I have to say, the idea of a Rainmakers renunion doesn't interest me. Though I would love to see Ruth Rich play some time. Anyway, so, Bob continues... Mancow is who will be coming to KC. Bob said, no, the Rainmakers won't be getting back together.

Deja vu... I was just reading my post from the March 29 show because that was the previous time they did "Like A Rolling Stone". That week, Bob breaks a string, Jeff and Norm sing John Prine's "Souvenirs" and then they all do John Prine's "Paradise". This week.., Bob breaks a string, Jeff and Norm sing "Souvenirs" and then they all do "Paradise". I'm listening to "Souvenirs" from the March 29 show right now.

Conversation from the March 29 show audible in the recording: (from the audience) "Whose song is that?"; "John Prine"; "Aw, man, I need to get all of his stuff then". :)

Which relates sorta to what was said after the two John Prine songs this week. No comments from the audience that I recall. But Jeff and Norm were promoting John Prine. Jeff said something like "If you don't like John Prine, what's wrong with you?". Or was is, "If you aren't a John Prine fan..."? Something like that. Norm said, well, maybe we (we because I'm including myself, Norm said "they") haven't been properly exposed yet. I forget his wording. Yup, that's me. I've a definite lack of familiarity with John Prine. Perhaps I should rectify that. Okay, visiting library catalog now.

You know, I have a Warren Zevon CD I haven't opened yet. I borrowed it from the library, listened, liked it enough to buy it, but, being as I'd already listened to it (quite a few times), I didn't open it up and listen to it when I got it. :)

Anyway, John Northern joined them on stage for some background vocals on a few songs, as well as singing "I Carry No One's Cross But My Own". And, a first, he did some background/harmony vocals on one of Jeff's songs.

Yes, cakes and balloons for Bob's and Dan's birthdays. Bob's last Thursday. Dan's was that night. The cake was really good. Well, the one I had anyway -- there were two. I'm sure they other was really good as well. Okay... I'll confess... for Bob's birthday, I drew him a cake. :) Much less messy than baking a cake. And easier to transport. But less tasty. But lasts longer. :) Chocolate icing. And I have no idea what flavor/color cake, because I didn't have to draw the inside. 8 candles. I figured if I drew 53 that might burn up the card (that I was drawing on). ;) Okay, kidding on that last bit. 53 candles was beyond my artistic abilities. :)

Good show. The lighting was very uneven. Made non flash photography interesting. Like, one photo I took, Bob is really majorly bright, John Northern just about right, and Norm nearly invisible. (Number 19 in the photo album linked above. I trimmed mostly invisible Norm out of it when posting it in the post above, 2nd picture.) I got some good photos though, and, like I said, one I particularly like. And I did take several with flash too.


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