Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Jeff Porter at Zona Rosa, August 5, 2006

(Jeff Porter usually accompanies Bob Walkenhorst. This show, though, was Jeff's show, with Bob Walkenhorst and Jeff Porter accompanying him.)

So, far, I've been to two shows at Zona Rosa. Both with clear weather. No worries of rain. So far so good. But 4 more in the 2nd half of September. Will my luck hold out? We'll see.
It was much hotter than Bob's show back in May. Just as sunny. Well, except this time, when the sun went behind the building, it stayed gone. :)

Jeff had sunglasses on. A concession to the sun. But no hat. Because, as we know, Jeff doesn't wear hats. :) Though Bob and Gary had hats. Bob had hat and sunglasses. Jeff commented on the sunglasses (his own), saying he doesn't do the sunglasses on stage thing, but he made an exception.

Now, me, I think I've seen the Elders do enough outdoor gigs that I'm used to the sunglasses on stage because it's sunny thing.

Oh, right, the music. :)

First, we got lots of Jeff songs. He did all the songs of his that we've heard him do at Bob's Wednesday shows, and one or two more. He also did John Prine's "Paradise". And there may have been another cover or two in there towards the end of that part of the show. Not sure.
Mostly it was Jeff on guitar and singing, Gary on bass, Bob on drums. But they did a couple with Gary sitting out and Bob on guitar ("Paradise" was one of those), and then Jeff did a couple by himself. Then back to all 3, and Bob back to drums.

After maybe an hour and 10 minutes or so, they took a break.

Jeff had out of town relatives there. Though, he pointed out, they weren't there to see him, they were there to see "the famous Porter". That would be Jeff's nephew Chris Porter, who was playing just down the street. As in, look left from the stage and you can see the place Chris was playing at, and his name on the marquis. Across the street and a half block down from the stage Jeff was playing on.

They must have had to get to the Improv (where Chris was playing) early to get a good spot, because it was after they left to go see him perform that Chris showed up and watched part of Jeff's show, before going to do his own show.

I got a picture of Chris's name up on the marquis. And later a picture of him signing autographs. I felt like a paparazzi taking that picture (through the window).

Anyway, after Jeff mentioned his relatives at his show who actually came to see Chris, Bob pointed out that it was an appropriate intro to Jeff's next song. Which was "15 Miles of Fame".

I didn't dance much during this portion of the show because it was just too darn hot.

Like I said, they took a break. Yes, an actual break. A short one. They actually meant it when they said a short break. But, none the less, a real genuine break.

They came back and Bob got to sing a bunch of his songs. All ones where Jeff plays guitar, not drums, which kinda makes sense. Show off Jeff's guitar playing. :) 'Twas good. And somewhere in there Bob took off his hat, and Jeff took off his sunglasses. Actually, Bob also took off his sunglasses, but then later put them back on.

With about 40 minutes left they went back to Jeff singing. He repeated some songs he'd sung earlier. Though, some certain people hadn't heard them the first time because they got there late. I don't think any off us hearing them for a 2nd time minded. And I liked getting to dance, since it was too hot to dance earlier.

Bob played drums (the usual 2 drums that Jeff plays at Bob's shows) sitting, except for both times they did "White Trash" Bob played standing up. Not sure why. But whatever works for him. :)
Oh, in that first set there was one, I recall, that had Bob and Gary both playing, with Bob on guitar. I remember because I remember Bob played guitar sitting for that song. Though when it was just him and Jeff on stage, without Gary, he played standing up.
But, back to the end portion of the show. There were also several cover songs. With Jeff on lead vocals, save "The Boxer" (with it's two part Bob/Jeff harmony) and "Good Lovin'" to close the show, with Jeff and Bob each taking a verse.
That's about all I can think to report. It was good. It wasn't recorded. But Jim and I both took pictures, so it really did happen. :) I'll share pictures when I get a chance. I need to sort though and pick out the good ones (particularly on the repetitive shots, as I did use "continuous shooting" several times).


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