Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bob Walkenhorst, August 31, 2005

During the day today while at work I wrote some notes about yesterday's show on a piece scrap paper, and now I can't find the paper. Ah well. I'll have to go from memory.

Good show. Wonderful show. It felt good. I had a nice feeling of being at home.

I didn't get to sit in my usual spot, because Rosie nabbed it first. Which is fine. I don't know why usually no one else wants to sit at the seat at the table closest to the stage. I'd finally given up on trying to share. Anyway, I was happy to let Rosie have that seat. :)

Oh, right, the show.

Opening song was a surprise. Bob seems to be in the habit of lately of throwing in something new and different as an opening. This week it was "The Race is On". Another George Jones song. Actually, I'm more familiar with Sawyer Brown's version of it. But I actually did think George Jones before thinking of Sawyer Brown. Alas, I don't have that Sawyer Brown album which that is on. Maybe I'll have to get it. I was definitely surprised at Bob doing that song. Pleasantly so. It's a good song. I danced. :) Bob's no Mark Miller. But he's Bob, so that's okay. :)

Bob's also no Mick Jagger. Probably mostly a good thing. Though Mick Jagger has a certain charm, and it's so natural to think of him singing when listening to a Stones song. Rosie, you remembered a song I didn't. I forget about them doing that one till I read your post.

A good bit of dancing. Quite a few people out there at times. Which was good. :) After one song that quite filled up the dance floor, Bob said "Thank you and good night" (or something to that effect). Except... it was only 9:30 or so. :) (They did continue on till 10:00.)

Dave Johnson was there and joined them for a song. "Little Sister". He sounded really good singing that. :)

Oh, I noticed it was back to two ceiling monitors.

It was Van Morrison's 60th birthday yesterday. They sang "Happy Birthday" to him, and then did "Moondance".

There was also mention of Paul Simon getting arrested for marijuana possession. And there were some related comments, including discussing roaches (not the bugs). And then they did "The Boxer".

One thing I've been noticing, and particularly noticed last night, is how good they've gotten on harmonies. Much improved since I started coming to shows, in my opinion. Bob and Jeff, or Bob, Jeff, and Norm, harmonize great together.

And that's all I can think of at the moment. I'll likely add a little more later. And I'll have pictures.