Thursday, July 06, 2006

Racing the Tide, the new Elders CD

The only problem with the new Elders album is trying to figure out what to listen to next after one's done listening to it. How can anything else live up to that? The guys done did good.

Sometimes I just listen to it again.

There are so many little things I've noticed and liked on the album. Too many little things for me to remember and note them all. The one thing most deserving of comment, in my opinion, though, is the harmonies. Very nice. I like that it's not singer plus anonymous voices, nor singer harmonizing with himself, but rather really being able to hear and notice the different voices, and yet still having a really nice blend.

I do keep noting instrumental stuff too. Some really good playing. No, not just good playing. But they came up with good stuff to play. Good songs, good arrangements. Sheer perfection.

Darn good songs, too. About half the album are my favorite songs. And the other songs aren't far behind.

There ain't one bad thing about this album.

It's available now from the Elders website and at Elders shows. Available in stores later this month.


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