Saturday, April 29, 2006

Retroactive at O'Dowd's

Last night, after watching a movie, I went to see Retroactive. 80s cover band. One of the members is a fellow Bob Walkenhorst fan, which is how I know of the band.

I quite enjoyed it. I like their variety of 80s music. Not stuff I listen to all the time, or would want to listen to all the time, but it's enjoyable live on a night out. I recommend them.

They have both a female singer and a male singer.

I think "Sweet Child Of Mine" was probably my favorite song of theirs. Sung by the female.

The only bad thing was the drunk guys bumping into me. Some on accident, some on purpose. The guy who stepped on my foot twice I can assume was accidental. Some of the others I'm sure were too, but some clearly were not. That got quite tiring after a while. And even if I were looking to hook up or to meet someone, when the main thing I notice about a guy is that he's drunk, I sure as heck ain't gonna be interested.

But the music was good, and despite the drunk men, I'm glad I went.


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