Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Elders at Truman High School, Independence, MO; and the Issues at Joe's Standard Bar, Blue Springs, MO, April 8, 2006

(The Elders portion of this blog post was posted at the Elders Message Board.)

I didn't take pictures at the Elders show. And I'll probably be less of a photo bug in the future than I have been in the past at Elders shows.

"Right With the World" is my new favorite Elders song. Lovely song. Ian told us to listen to the words, but for part of the song I found myself instead listening to Norm's bass part. :) But it does have nice words. I remember quite liking the lyrics when they were posted at the Elders message board a while back.

They did "Fisherman's Blues". I haven't heard that one from the Elders for a while. That was a real treat. It's a great song and the Elders do it so well. Ah, I'd love to have a recording of the Elders playing that one. Ah well.

Let's see... other new ones, to answer Debbie's question. "Racing the Tide" and "Bad Little Irish Boy". Plus "Need A Miracle" (or whatever the proper title is) and "Send a Prayer", less new, but they'll be on the upcoming CD.

Two sets of about an hour each.

They did both "Fire in the Hole" and "Devil's Tongue", but they didn't do them back to back like they had been typically doing for a while. It was weird to have "Fire in the Hole" just end rather than going into "Devil's Tongue.

Speaking of "Devil's Tongue", the harmonies on it sounded different. Not sure how, but different. Good, though, quite good.

The encore was (do I really have to even tell you all?) "10 lb Earhole". (Ah, okay, they do mix it up some these days and sometimes do other songs for the encore.) The guys won.

Afterwards some friends and I went out to TGIFriday's for Late Night Happy Hour. They had some drink specials and cheap (and good tasting) appetizers. That was enjoyable. Well, not so much the food and drink, though that too, as hanging out with friends.

Then I headed out to Blue Springs to catch the last set by the Issues. The singer had mentioned to me before that the place they play in Blue Springs is a good place. But it's just way too much of a drive for me. But since I'd already driven out as far as Independence for the Elders, it wasn't too much farther of a drive to go out to Blue Springs.

Joe's Standard Bar was indeed a really nice place. Basically, a nice crowd, a crowd who was having a good time, into the music, and not behaving inappropriately. And I think the audience being into it is the biggest thing that makes a bar gig good. Yeah, I can enjoy band (if it's music I like) if there's just a few folks dancing or otherwise paying attention to the music and everyone else is doing their own thing with the music as background noise. But it's nicer when folks are into the music and there's a sense of connection together through the music.

Well, liking the band is important too. And I do quite like the Issues. Classic rock cover band, with something of a bluesy feel. A lot of the songs they play aren't amoung my favorite classic rock songs, but when the Issues play them, they sound great. I'm really glad I went out to see them.


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