Friday, January 20, 2006

Bob Walkenhorst, The Record Bar, January 18, 2006

Nice show this past Wednesday. That felt good. Very satisfying. Very fulfilling.

Now, we rarely, rarely get encores (we got one once, maybe twice, but that's it). But, sometimes, if it's a good show, a good vibe, Bob just keeps playing. No asking us fans our opinion. :) Though I don't think any of us mind. :)

Now, lately at the Record Bar there's often been another band (or 2), or sometimes a DJ, after Bob. Anyway, so, right about at 10:00, Bob asks Buzzz if there was another band. He got the reply back that there was a DJ after Bob. So, Bob keeps playing. Plays a few more songs. And Buzzz has to come give Bob the cut off sign so he'll quit playing and the DJ can set up and do his thing. So Bob finished off that song and quit. He played till 10:15, so about 15 minutes extra music.

"Mr. Bojangles". Me like that one. Jeff sang it. They only did about half. It seemed to be a song that they mostly knew pretty well, except with bits they'd forgotten. I guess too many of those not so well remembered bits for Jeff to want to do the whole song. But, anyway, I thought it sounded great, and I quite enjoyed it.

They did "Battle of New Orleans". I don't think they'd done that one for a while. Or at least it hasn't been as frequent as it was for a while.

Now, both those songs I know from the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band doing them. Which some how put into mind "The Race Is On", which Bob does, which I know from another country band I like, Sawyer Brown. (I even listened to that on the way to the show.) That one was originally a George Jones song, and I thought, "I'd rather hear the other George Jones song Bob does". And, guess what? Later in the show, Bob played it, "She Thinks I Still Care". (Song written by Steve Duffy and Dickey Lee Lipscomb.) Way cool to get a request played that I didn't actually request. I like when that happens.

"Rockin' at the T-dance". First time in a long time he's played that one, I think.

There was a Springsteen song in there. One I wasn't real familiar with, but it certain sounded like a Springsteen song, and one of my tablemates confirmed that.

"No Romance", "Width of a Line", "Another Guitar". And a lot of other great songs.

Jeff got to do two songs of his own. "15 Miles of Fame" and "Thinking of You". That latter one we hadn't heard in a while.

It's so impossible to convey the feel of the show. Naming the songs seems so dry. It wasn't the song choice that made the show special. It was something else.

I did lots of dancing. Mostly me and two young children on the dance floor (actually watching standing at the edge of the stage more than dancing). Which I don't mind. Though I do like when other people join me out there. Bob deserves lots of dancers, not just me. There were a few songs that got other adults out there, though it wasn't overall a heavy dancing night. Though it was for me. Though, I got breaks.

The opening song of the night, I forget what it was, but it was one of Bob's songs, and it had a somewhat different feel than normal. And I think either slower or faster a bit compared to normal.


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