Saturday, March 18, 2006

Elders' Hoolie, March 17, 2006, Uptown Theater, Kansas City, MO

Good show. :)

The Elders started out with Joe Miquelon coming out and playing by himself. He's a good keyboard player. Interesting way to start the first show with a new band member. And a good way to introduce us to the new guy, I think.

3 new songs they hadn't played before. "Racing the Tide", "Bad Little Irish Boy", and "Right With the World". All good. Yeah, like there are any Elders songs that aren't good. Actually, all 3 are more than good. Really, really quite nice, great, wonderful, pick your adjective of choice. Which still describes 95% of the Elders' songs. The remaining few being merely good. :)

Actually, "Bad Little Irish Boy" I heard on the radio that morning, on KY. The Kelihans were supposed to be on TV at the same time (or same half hour, anyway), so I was like, uh oh, conflict. Then I realize, record one, listen to the other. Then I realized, record both! So I did. So, I'd heard "Bad Little Irish" boy 4 times before hearing it live. Good song. Kinda different sounding for the Elders. Although, first time hearing it, the guitar solo reminded me of the guitar solo in "Haverty Boys". Although, the two guitar solos aren't really that much alike, upon further listens of the song. I guess it's just Steve sounds like Steve. :)

"Right With the World" I really liked. I liked it just reading the words a while back on the message board here, and even more so hearing it. Very nice song. Steve, Ian, and Brent all did some lead vocals on it. I like that, the split lead vocals. And it seems quite appropriate to the song.

"Racing With the Tide" I don't really remember enough to comment on. Except that that's one that the lyrics alone didn't connect with me, but hearing the song, I quite liked it. Good stuff. Also, it has piano on it.

Also, "Love of the Century" had piano. Sounded quite nice. That's the only song (of those the Elders have played live before) where I noticed the keyboards contributing something distinctly different than what we got with the accordion.

Well, okay, on "Men of Erin" the keyboard playing in the background behind the vocals definitely sounded bag-pipish. A more minor difference, though noticeable to me. After the vocals on "Men of Erin" they had like 7 or so bagpipers come out to play the instrumental section of the song.

"Bad Little Irish Boy" also had, to my ears a least, a bag-pipish sound on the keyboards.

I've decided I don't have a favorite Elders member. Or, I have multiple favorites. :)

I thought there was something else I wanted to note, but I can't remember it now. Ah well.

Pictures. Yahoo Photo album.

The pictures of the dancers and from the first Elders set were taken by my sister and niece from the balcony. The pictures from the 2nd Elders set were taken by me from the floor. The very little ones are stills taken from video. (And, no, I can't share, for multiple reasons, including that video taken with a digital still camera is pretty poor and really not worth sharing.)

Not spectacular pictures. But they will help give those who weren't there a sense of the show, as well as a look at the new guy. And perhaps those who were there will enjoy remembering while looking at the pictures.


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