Friday, March 31, 2006

Bob Walkenhorst at the Record Bar, March 29, 2006

One of the highlights for me, as well, as, for me, weirdest song (don't expect to agree with me on that) was Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone". Now, see, I know that song from the Nace Brothers doing it. Guitar player Jimmy Nace sings that one (Dave Nace sings most of their songs). Bob and company doing that song sounded so different from the Nace Brothers doing it as to sound like a different song. In fact, I recognized it from the lyrics -- once it got to lyrics I knew. It was "...scronging your next meal" (just before the first time through the chorus), and I'm like, wait, I know those words. It was weird hearing a rendition of that song so different from how I'm accustomed to hearing it. But I did enjoy it. And I danced.

Bob had some guitar string breakage problems. A multiple string break night. So Jeff had to sing to us (accompanied by Norm, while Bob changed his string) twice. I forget what the first song was. The 2nd was a John Prine song. One I wasn't familiar with. "Souvenir". Which I only remember the title because I wrote it down Wednesday night before going to bed. :) On that one, Bob joined them playing guitar after he changed his string. Afterwards, they decided to do a 2nd John Prine song, "Paradise". Which makes 3 Jeff sung songs. I do like Jeff's singing. (Hm... any due date on that album yet? And I wonder which will be finished first... that or the Elders album, which already missed it's first due date.) Bob broke another string later, though we didn't get another Jeff sung song out of it. And then, after changing the string, apparently, the peg that holds the string in popped out and got lost somewhere on stage. So Jeff let Bob borrow his guitar for the last two songs (Jeff played drums).

Mark Jochim was there. Bob mentioned his comment about tape hiss on the live tracks on the Balls CD. I've actually noticed the tape hiss too. In particular, after the last track from the original album, when the live tracks start, if I'm listening to the CD in the car, I notice the tape hiss kick in. Though after the music starts a moment later I never notice the tape hiss anymore. Mark had a request that Bob played. I forget what it was, but I remember I liked it. As I recall it was a cover they hadn't played previously (or at least not one of the regulars), but that I recognized. I think.

Dave Johnson was there with his wife celebrating their 34th wedding anniversary. Bob played a request for them for their anniversary. I forget what song. I think one of Bob's, though.

On the way home I was listening to the Secrets* in the car. And I wasn't even thinking about who else was in that band besides Brent Hoad. That is, not until I hear a bass part and I think, that sounds like Norm. Then, oh yeah, that is Norm.

And another car listening comment that has nothing to do with Wednesday's shows, or Bob's shows in general, although it does sort of relate to Bob. On the way to work Thursday morning, I had Flirting With the Universe playing in the car, and it was right at the beginning of "Window" when I got in the car and left for work. Now, when I get in the car and a tape's already playing, I don't really think too much about what I'm listening to, I just enjoy without thinking about it. Well, it gets to the guitar solo, and I recognize Steve's playing, and I'm a bit thrown off and thinking "but that's not a Bob song". A particularly curious observation considering I was an Elders fan before ever hearing any Steve guitar solos from the Rainmakers. I guess it was a Rainmakers-ish sounding guitar solo. :) Then again, there have been times when I've been listening to an Elders CD and get thrown off by a Steve guitar solo. Like, nevermind how many Elders shows I've been to and which Elder I've tended to pay most attention to in the past at those shows, my CD listening brain sometimes associates Steve's playing with the Rainmakers and expects Brent Hoad to play all the instrumental solos with the Elders.

Not that you all needed to know that. :) But at least I put it all in one paragraph for easy skipping past, for those uninterested.

I did take pictures. I'll share them at some point. When I have time. I don't have time today, and I work this weekend, so I'm not sure when I'll get to it.

Several dance songs to start the show. One one of them there were even other folks besides me dancing. :) But then I got to sit down and relax for a while. And drink my beer.

John Northern joined them on stage for harmonies on a few songs, as well as singing "I Carry No One's Cross But My Own", with nice harmonies from Bob.

After the show a band called Bad Ideas played. They did a short set, followed by Pendergast. I didn't stay for Pendergast, but I enjoyed Bad Ideas. Sound wise, they reminded me of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Their opening song was "Dead Flowers". Another song I know from the Nace Brothers doing it. Good song. Oh yeah, and they did mention Bob. After mentioning Pendergast playing after them, they mentioned that some of us in the crowd had been there hearing Bob.


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