Saturday, April 01, 2006

Dennis DeYoung at the VooDoo lounge, March 31, 2006

Good show. Dennis is a great performer.

I'm definitely in the "Dennis shouldn't return to Styx; Dennis Doesn't need Styx" camp. Dennis is great on his own. His show. I only missed Styx on one song. "Suite Madame Blue". Styx play it much better than Dennis's band, in my opinion. (I'm a fan of both the current Styx and Dennis, and I did get to hear Styx do that live at one show.)

This was my first time seeing Dennis play without an orchestra, just his band. I enjoyed it. Different. Not better or worse than with an orchestra, just different.

In addition to looking forward to seeing Dennis, I was looking forward to hearing his guitar player, Tommy Dziallo. (For those who haven't seen Dennis live, think "Desert Moon") He's a good guitar player, plus, I like his style.

Dennis did all Styx songs, except for "Desert Moon", plus his band did an instrumental medly. I forget what all was in that, except there was an Aerosmith song in there somewhere, but I recognized at least a couple other rock classics. It led into a Styx song, so kinda served as an extended introduction for the song.

"I'm Okay" is a favorite Styx song, great to hear it.

The venue has a ceiling with some sort of screen, so they can put pictures up there, which they did a few times during the show. During "Light Up", Marijuana leaves. Seriously. That made me smile.

We (my sister and I) had a spot in the balcony on the side right by the front. And it was the side with Dennis's keyboard. So a great view of him playing when he was on keyboard. And he did look up at us in the balcony on the sides some.

Another good thing about the spot in the balcony on the side, is being able to stand when we felt like it without blocking people behind us. (basically, on the sides in the balcony it's a single row of tables and seats.)


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