Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bob Walkenhorst, the Record Bar, January 25, 2006

It must have been a good show, because I found myself several times just standing on the dance floor watching.

Of course, I can't guarantee that it was actually an even better show than usual, and it wasn't just me. But I can guarantee you all that it was a damn fine show. Although calling it a "show" is using a term loosely. :)

To skip ahead... Okay, Bob did 3 songs solo. Jeff and Norm come back to the stage. I see them walking to the stage. Then I go looking at something else. Maybe I was talking to someone. But, anyway, when I look back at the stage, the first thing I notice is Jeff and Norm are in each others spots. And then, just a moment after, I notice... Norm's got a banjo. Norm was playing banjo, and Jeff playing bass.

It was way way cool to get to see and hear Norm play banjo live in person (I've heard his banjo playing on the Elders CDs). And, bass guitar fan that I am, I also couldn't help watching Jeff playing bass. That was interesting.

They did 3 songs that way. First "Any Old Wind That Blows", then one I didn't recognize, then "Johnny Reb". And then it was back to Norm on bass. I'm not sure if it was right then that they did a few songs with Jeff on drums or if there was a song or two in between.

Late in the show, after the songs with Jeff on drums, which was after seeing him play bass while Norm played banjo, I was really noticing and enjoying Jeff's guitar playing. It started with "The Other Side of the World". What a nice guitar part Jeff has in that song. I enjoyed watching Jeff play it. It's a very familiar guitar part, as they've played that song frequently, but that's the first time I've really thought about it and watched Jeff play it, I think. And I was noticing and enjoying his guitar playing on some of the songs after that too.

Okay, that solo set I mentioned. It started with "To the Hum". And the other two songs either were ones I didn't know, or else I've completely forgot them. Or maybe one of each. :)

I'm glad I brought my camera this week. :)

I forget what the opening song was, but I recall getting out there on the dance floor. As well as someone else beating me to the dance floor. Multiple people dancing to the opening song -- that's unusual.

Towards the end of the show there were a few songs with several folks out on the dance floor.

Oh, and I thought "The Times They Are A Changin'" sounded particularly good last night. Though I think I was also quite in the mood for it. Anyway, it was nice to hear it, and it was very well done. One of the several highlights of the night. :) I noticed, how they do it in general, and last night in particular, the song has a lot of energy.

As for the show before Bob's solo set, I remember little. I remember dancing quite a bit, and just, well, listening and enjoying the music being a very intense thing.


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