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Bob Walkenhorst, April 2, 2005

(Posted on the Rainmakers message board.)

Good show. :) Of course. :)

Surprise cover of the day: "Every Breath You Take". And even though I was back by the TV monitor keeping track of the end of the basketball game, I was listening and enjoying. Although I was also thinking it would sound better with Ian Byrne (of the Elders) singing it. :) He does Sting so well. (I can't remember which Police song it is I've heard the Elders do a couple times, but Ian sounds surprisingly like Sting. And now the Elders have a new original song that sounds a lot like a Sting song to me. A quite good song too, "Send a Prayer".) I did enjoy hearing Bob sing it, though. Bob sang something different at the "Since you've gone..." part. He sang something different than the words in my head, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't a case of my head being mixed up. If it was Bob forgetting the words and making something up, he did a darn good job, because what he sang seemed to fit.

There's so many things that I noticed during the show that I can't remember now. There were a couple times I particularly noticed and appreciated Jeff's guitar playing, but I can't remember which songs.

Although, a couple guitar related notes I do remember. First, when they did "The Weight" ("take a load off Fanny") (which I'm used to hearing from the Nace Brothers), I recall noting the song as I'm used to it (not as they played it) has slide guitar. I could hear the slide guitar (from the Nace Brothers version, and I assume the original as well) in my head. :)

This 2nd comparison I actually remember what Jeff did play, not just what he didn't play. "Drinking On The Job" is a song the 3 piece doesn't do, and so, it became very familiar to me as a Rainmakers song before the 4 piece started playing it. So, as they played it last night, when it got to the guitar solo, I had Steve's solo in my head. Jeff, of course, played something different. Good, though. I remember thinking it was bluesier than the solo in the original. And bluesy is never a bad thing. :)

Something different on "Width of a Line". A harmonica solo instead of a bass solo.

I forget which song, one of the slow Rainmakers songs (which narrows it down quite considerably!) after most of the song being two part harmony (where there's harmony), Bob and Jeff, right at the end Gary joined in as well, and it sounded really good.

Speaking of Gary, I got to hear him yesterday at lunchtime at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Waiting 45 minutes for a table has never been so enjoyable. :) I even got to hear Gary do one song twice yesterday. "Brown Eyed Girl". In the afternoon singing and playing acoustic guitar, and in the evening with Bob singing and Gary providing a really nice bass solo.

There was a Beatles song and a Stones song. I forget what the Beatles songs was. The Stones song was "Sympathy for the Devil". They had sound problems during that song. Apparently, something disconnected and they had a partial power loss. Thus we got an extended instrumental section. And then Bob, after asking Buzzz if they were good to go, said something to the effect of "John Paul II must not like that song". (As usual, quote not exact, I tend to remember the message rather than the words.) After finishing that song they went into "Wages of Sin". :) Not sure that song would please the Pope either. :)

Megan was there. She said she was supposed to go to a wedding with her boyfriend, and thus had off work, but her boyfriend was ill and so she went to the Bob show instead. :)

It is so cool to hear that drum part on "Jan Vermeer" live. It's such a nice drum part. Kudos to Pat and Bob both. There's one part I particularly like, and I was watching Pat play it, and I was like, how does he get all those different sounds out of just 4 drums?

John Northern opened and was enjoyable as always.

During "Information", after the last verse, Bob added a spoken comment. The only thing I caught of it was "Kansas". But, I feel safe assuming that he was saying those of us in Kansas should vote no on the so called "marriage ammendment". [Okay, after reading Jim's post, I see Bob's reference wasn't that direct] (link for information on ammendment, for the curious. The ammendment adds to the state constitution the existing restriction of marriage as being between a man and a woman, plus adds "No relationship, other than a marriage, shall be recognized by the state as entitling the parties to the rights or incidents of marriage.")

Dave Johnson joined Bob and them on stage for a song, "Little Sister".


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