Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Elders, Hoolie, March 11, 2005

Hoolie Pictures

Posted March 12, 2005 at the Elders Message Board.

[Someone asked about the setlist]

I can help out there. I happen to have a copy of the set list. :)

Michael's Ride
Saint Kevin
Big Box Dinny
Haverty Boys
American Wake
Old Land
Moore Street Girls
Love of the Century
Hard Line
Battle Zone
It'll be all Right
(Eddie Delahunt sings a song) [Irish Ways and Irish Laws]
Men of Erin
Send a Prayer
Brettski's Medley
Ballymun Road
Buzzz's Jig
Ten Lb. Earhole

Devil's Tongue

I forget what the song Eddie Delahunt did was. It wasn't listed on the set list, but I remember when in the set it was. Brett joined Eddie front and center on that one, and the rest of the Elders were around in the or sides of the stage playing along. It was a good song. I'm glad they had Eddie Delahunt do a song with them. [It was identified by someone else as "Irish Ways and Irish Laws"]

I loved hearing "Ballymun Road". Awesome song. That one, I think, from remembering when they did it live in early 2004, I think it doesn't really come across well at the bar shows, but at shows like this is does.

Great show.

The Kelihan's opened. They sounded really good. I always enjoy the Kelihans, but I thought they sounded better than usual. Maybe it was the venue. Or maybe it was Buzzz on sound added a little extra sound quality.

Back to the Elders. I noticed on "Men of Erin" the blend on the harmony seemed different. Less Steve, more of the high harmony. Or so it sounded to my ears.

As I said, I did quite enjoy the Kelihans. And those who were there saw me dancing. Hey, it was a real live dance floor, may as well use it. :) The Kelihans, though, much as I like them, they don't inspired the thrill of anticipation that the Elders do.

One more note on the show. On the Elders' encore song, 3 of the Kelihans joined the Elders on stage. They didn't play, or even sing. Well, Ian did give Jack a tamborine. Mostly they were just acting silly. Good silly. :) Fun silly. :) But, anyway, that was cool, I thought.

I have pictures. There's one that, if it turned out well, I'll have to decide whether to post it or withhold it for bribery. :)

I got a good jump shot. At least it looked darn good on the little camera monitor. Since I wasn't able to jump myself, it was a good day to try to catch the jump on film. :) Er... not film, actually. :) My vocabulary hasn't caught up with technology. :)


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