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Bob Walkenhorst, Saturday, March 5th, 2005 (part 1)

This one is a reply to something someone else wrote. Read the original thread with what I'm replying to here.

Brief background notes. Yesterday was the monthy Bob Walkenhorst show. There are some rugby players, or a team, or something, that sometimes hang out at the bar. They were there that evening. Also, a pub crawl was happening that evening, and Molloy Brothers Irish Pub, where Bob plays, was one of the stops. Also, Pat Tomek, who usually plays drums for Bob at the weekend shows, was in the hospital till a couple days ago. Below is my post from the Rainmakers message board (which is the one linked above, and linked elsewhere in this blog).


Actually, most of the Rugby players were long gone by the time the pub crawl got there. In fact, most of them were gone before Bob ever started playing. There were a few left at the beginning of Bob's set, though, because they cheered when Bob mentioned the Rugby players.

A couple of Rugby players I talked with liked John Northern.

The pub crawl actually got there at 10:30 and stayed till midnight. It was wild. And they all seemed to be having a great time, and they seemed to enjoy Bob and band.


Bingo. Well, no "A Little Bit of White Trash In Us All".

They started out drummerless. Bob and Jeff on guitar, Gary on bass. They did one song during the early portion with Jeff on drums. Then, when informed the busses for the pub crawl were there (5 of them), Bob switched to drums. And played the rest of the night that way.

Hearing and watching Bob play drums was awesome! I quite like Bob's drum playing. That was a definite treat. I'd been looking forward to hearing Pat play, but hearing Bob play more than made up for it. Though it would be better if Pat didn't have reason to not be there. I do hope he's okay.

Jeff sang "Little Sister" and part of "The Weight" ("Take a load off Fanny..."). Question on "The Weight". Does the original have a split lead vocal? 'Cause I noticed Jeff sang the same part that Jimmy Nace sings rather than Dave Nace (when the Nace Brothers do that song). The rest of the songs were all Bob on lead vocals.

They did a lot of covers. Plenty of originals too, though.


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