Thursday, March 03, 2005

Elders, February 26, 2005, Rose Theater, Rockhurst High School

(Orginally posted February 27, 2005 at the Elders Message Board.)

Good show last night.

I think the highlight, though, came before the Elders went on.

First the O'Riada Academy of Irish Dance performed. They were good as usual.

Then Eddie Delahunt and John Morris performed. John Morris is a teacher at Rockhurst. They were good.

Well, during their set, they got Fr. Baum, the president of Rockhurst High School, to come sing a song.

Before singing, he said something like the song he's singing isn't an easy one, or a simple one, or something like that, but it's the only Irish song he knows. Gee, any guesses? ;) For those who didn't guess, he did "Danny Boy". And he sounded awesome. He has the voice for it. He got lots of cheers from the crowd and a standing ovation from a good part of the crowd when he was done.

A definite highlight of the evening.

The Elders were great as always. :) For me, the highlights of the Elders set were "Big Box Dinny", "1849", and "Send A Prayer". Ever since getting to hear Mike Bliss sing it live in person "1849" has been a favorite.

I had an interesting viewpoint, directly left of the band (when at the microphones). Not usually a viewpoint one gets in the audience. Actually, I was a little farther towards the middle, but I moved outward because, the way the microphones were set up, Ian was blocking Steve. Moving allowed me to see Steve. :)

Oh, and I fell and twisted my ankle. :) Same one as back in Oct 2003. Not near so bad, though.

Yeah, I was dancing. Not many dancers, but there were a couple of us incorrigible dancers over on the far left (er, stage left, audience right) dancing.


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