Friday, March 18, 2005

St. Patrick's Day

(Posted on the Rainmakers message board.)

Okay, so, I was wrong. Going see the first Elders show and Bob as well worked out just fine. So long as one doesn't mind a half mile walk on a nice day. :)

I got to Molloy's about 4. Allied Saints were playing outside in the tent. I listened to them. But they ended about 4:20 or so. Since Bob and Jeff weren't there yet I figured the 6 pm start time was likely correct. And I didn't see any Bob fans I know there yet. So, I was like, okay, I'm going to see the Elders.

Had Sharon got there 4 minutes earlier than she did I might have stayed at Molloy's rather than seeing the Elders. :)

So, I walked from Molloy's to the Beaumont Club. (Actually, outside across the street.) I missed the beginning of the Elders set, but caught most of it. And they played "Someday Soon" which they hadn't played in a while and I'd been wanting to hear. That was nice. That alone was worth the walk. :)

The Elders ended about 5:45. Time to head back to Molloy's. :) I stopped for a hotdog ("cajun dog") and Diet Coke from a street vender on the way. This time I had a walking companion. Bill, a fellow Elders fan who lives near Molloy's and was heading to Molloy's, though not to see Bob. Got to Molloy's, went inside, and Bob and Jeff were setting up, almost ready to start. And shortly they did. Perfect timing. :)

Good show. Lots of covers, but nothing unusual. A mix of covers and originals that was appropriate to such an event.

I remember the 2nd song was "Width of a Line". Hearing that song, without Norm, after just coming from an Elders show made me definitely miss the bass part. (I love Norm's bass on that.)

Two years ago yesterday was my first visit to Molloy's. To see the Elders. I remember seeing a Bob poster. I thought "the Rainmakers guy" and wasn't particularly interested. Only of vague interest because I knew Steve was in the Rainmakers. Like, "some guy Steve used to play with", basically.

Two years ago was also the first time I tried Beamish. :)

This year I tried Jameson's for the first time. Me like. :) Strong stuff, though.

According to the Molloy's ads, Bob and the Kelihans were both scheduled at 6 pm, one inside, one outside. The Kelihans actually started after Bob finished. :) (To be fair, the email they sent out said 7 pm, and, the Kelihans being the Kelihans, one doesn't necessarily expect them to start on time.) Since they weren't playing yet, Bill came inside and hung out with Lilli and I watching Bob. He enjoyed it. And I did let him know that Norm plays with Bob most Wednesdays and that Steve and Bob were in the Rainmakers together. :)

So, after Bob was done, and trips to the bathroom taken care of, the 3 of us headed up to catch the Elders 2nd set. Much colder out for the 2nd set! Instead of short sleeves, I was wearing 2 jackets. :) We missed the beginning, but I don't think we missed much.

And then, after we walked back to Molloy's, I went inside and caught a little of the Kelihans (who were still playing).

Then I drove to Cheeseburger in Paradise for the Nace Brothers. Where I sat at the bar rather than dancing because after 6 hours of walking and dancing, my feet needed a rest. :) They did get me on my feet, though, for Elvis' "Suspicious Minds". :)

I enjoyed seeing Bob at Molloy's on St. Patrick's Day. After missing last year because I was working, I definitely wanted to experience it this year.

(Posted on the Elders message board.)

How nice of the Elders to schedule their St. Patrick's Day playing around my plans. ;)

As I mentioned, my plans were to see Bob Walkenhorst at Molloy's as part of their St. Patrick's Day festivities there. No problem. It's not too bad of a walk between Molloy's and the Beaumont Club. (Half mile according to Yahoo Maps.) And the shows were scheduled such that I was able to see both.

Okay, I did miss the beginning of both Elders sets. But that's okay. :) I still got lots of great Elders music.

Different stuff each set, except I believe they did "Turnpike" both sets. (And I can't guarantee no repeats in what I missed.)

After the first set, I'd been thinking they'd done all the biggies, and thus expecting them to repeat stuff. Nah, they managed to find plenty more great songs. They have so many great original songs, plus several good covers they do.

Highlight for me I think was "Someday Soon". I'd been wanting to hear that one, which they hadn't played for a while. That song alone was worth the mile (round trip) walk.

I wouldn't have gone to the 2nd show if I hadn't had someone to walk with. I really didn't want to be walking around Westport alone after dark. But I had a couple other folks to walk with.

The 2nd set, they did the set, they did the encore, and they people still wanted more. They came back out, and they did "Men Of Erin". I had to leave though, 'cause the folks I was walking with were leaving.

It was so nice to not have to choose between my favorite bands. I got to hear a little of the Kelihans at Molloys before and after the Elders 2nd set (the Kelihans started just before we started walking over to the Elders show). And then I went out to see the Nace Brothers at Cheeseburger in Paradise (which is near where I live).


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