Thursday, March 03, 2005

Bob Walkenhorst, March 2, 2005

(Originally posted at the Rainmakers Message Board.)

Good show tonight. It was a fun sort of night. A forget all your troubles and have fun sort of night.

Thankfully, my recently sprained ankle (courtesy of the Elders show last Saturday) was doing okay enough for me to dance. I'd've been bummin' if I'd've been stuck chair dancing when Bob was playing so many good dance songs. Not that there was much dancing. Just us incorrigibles, until right near the end when others joined us.

Lots of good songs. A few of which were sung just a tad differently than usual.

They did "I Walk The Line". I love listening to Bob sing the really low part. He sounds good singing low. :) Listening to him next sing "Small Circles", which is fairly high, I couldn't help noting Bob has a nice vocal range. He sounds good over a pretty wide range. Those two songs back to be demonstrated that.

Let's see, I think the Beatles song played was "Hard Days Night". Which I enjoyed. Several covers. Plenty of originals too.

On one of the originals, I forget which one, I noticed Norm singing harmonies where I'm used to hearing just Bob and Jeff. It sounded good. It threw me a little hearing an extra voice, though. What I noticed was not that there was a 3rd voice, but that there was a voice I'm not used to hearing.

Oh, and we got treated to a bit of spontaneous on stage songwriting. Bob said something like today or yesterday his life fell apart like a house of cards, and he made mention of the band members having a related conversation, and said that would make a good song, or there's a song in the making there, or something like that, and then something like he's writing it right now. So, he starts playing, and sings a verse on that "House of Cards" topic. It was good. And I recall laughing, so I guess it was funny too. I don't remember the words, other than something about cards falling on his head. I was thinking, there are worse things to be hit on the head with. And I'm probably telling that badly, but that's as best I remember it.

It was a really nice show.

And it's so weird getting to be there for the whole show, when I'm still used to getting there at 8:45 like I had for so long on the Wednesday shows.

Pictures. :) None right now to post right here on the board, but here's a link: Pictures

And one more comment on the show. It's about beer. Now, as some of you may have noticed, Bob's in the habit lately of ordering a Guinness sometime during the show. Well, Bob discovered that Guinness is brewed in Canada. Probably via a comment from Norm, I'm guessing. So, after mentioning that, Bob goes "I'll have a Guinness, eh". :) After a bit of banter, Bob says "I'll have a Canadian Guinness", and Jeff then says "I'll have a Irish Beamish". (Me, I like Beamish better. One point for Jeff. :))


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