Friday, March 11, 2005

Young Dubliners, March 9, 2005, Molloy Brothers Irish Pub

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Awesome show. Of course.

I got there early and caught some of the sound check. That was interesting. It was the Dubs up on stage, playing Dubs songs, sounding great, but they weren't in their stage dress. Not that they exactly dress up, but they do take off their hats and jackets. :) I didn't even recognize Keith at first wearing a winter hat. Heard 3 songs then.

I got to help sell merchandize. That was kinda fun. :) My friend Cheryl and I were the merchandize ladies.

They have some cool shirts. Green Shirts that say "The Young Dubs" (I think it's just Dubs, anyway) with a shamrock on it. They had womens shirts (or should I say girls, or young women?) that say "Dubilicious" in pink. And they have the tour shirts, black with the album cover on the front, and tour dates on the back.

Ah, I see the Dubilicious and the tour shirts are on the website for sale.

We sold 19 CDs last night. Not bad, I think.

It was a nice size crowd, I'd say. Full but not overfull. Maybe someday they can come back on a weekend and do overfull. :)

The new stuff sounds good live. :)

A local band, the Kelihans opened. They were good. I've seen them before.

The Dubs are such an awesome band. It's a treat to listen to them live. Nice guys too. Keith's a sweetie. Sweetie don't quite work for Chas, but he was friendly and nice.

They did most of the songs off Real World. Gives the show a slightly different feel from when I saw them last year. Still awesome, of course.

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It just didn't feel like Wednesday last night at Molloy's. It felt like a weekend. So how come I had to get up bright and early to go to work today?

Cheryl and I got to sell merchandize for the Young Dubliners. That was cool. We got free merchandize in exchange for doing that. And during the show we traded off so one of us could dance while the other manned the table.

And Chas is a cool person and Keith is a sweetie. :)

And, Bob, thank you for sacrificing your Wednesday night. Not that you probably had any choice, but thank you anyway.

And next Wednesday all I get to do is watch the Elders on TV.

Is it St. Patrick's Day yet? :)

And, one more comment on last night. Wow... bright stage lighting at Molloy's. That was weird. Nice, but weird.


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