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Bob Walkenhorst, February 23, 2005

(Originally posted February 24, 2005 at the Rainmakers Message Board)

Hard to describe the mood of the show. Perhaps best described by noting that "This Land Is Your Land" was the last song, and a fitting end to the evening.

First song was "Dry, Dry Land". I was noticing and appreciating Bob's singing on that one. He's has a good voice. After that, though, no thought to Bob's voice. It's the songs that take center stage.

As Jim noted, Bob mentioned the tribute band, J. Walkers. I think Bob said something to Norm like "I bet the Elders don't have a tribute band". Norm goes "no they don't" and then said, "I think you got to reach that 25 year mark". (All quotes not exact and subject to errors of hearing and memory.) Which seems to be take as a remark on Bob's age.

Hm... that brings me a thought not related to the show. But I'll share it anyway. Besides, it relates to the age thing. :) Today I was looking at the National Enquirer while at work (yeah, okay, I was supposed to be shelving it, not looking through it) and there was something about a guy who's a Michael Jackson fan and has had plastic surgeries in order to make himself look like Michael Jackson. I couldn't help thinking of, and laughing at, the idea of making myself look like Bob. No thanks. :) I think, though, in 15 or so years time (more if I'm lucky, less if I'm not), I ought to have the hair color down. :)

I enjoyed "We Can Work It Out". I pretty much always enjoy the Beatles. ("Yellow Submarine" not so much, though the guys had so much fun with it I enjoyed it for that reason. And "Rain" I don't know as a Beatles song, so it just don't count, as far as playing Beatles songs, though not at all a bad song... and, just to be clear, referring there to two songs played in the past, but not played at this show.)

I only took one picture. Well, 3 actually, but only one of the band. :)

I enjoyed hearing Norm sing harmonies on "Paradise" (sometimes 2 part harmonies with Jeff, sometimes 3 part harmonies). Norm doesn't do a lot of harmony vocals at Bob shows, but he does quite a lot at Elders shows. He's a good harmony singer.

And that's all I can think to share at the moment.

Oh yeah, I no longer work Wednesday evenings. (Choir practice switched to Thursdays a while back.) So I got to go to the whole entire show and will in the future. :) Cool. :) Except on St. Patrick's Day when I may have to leave early to go to choir practice. :)

Okay since I've edited this to correct typos and other errors, I may as well just add my additional comments to the same post. I remembered a few things I forgot to say.

Yeah, the Elders don't have a tribute band, but my favorite member of the Elders has two people filling his spot in the Rainmakers tribute band. :)

When Bob was talking about them, he said something like he was talking to someone about them and, I'm not sure how he said it, but something to the effect of the band acting like the Rainmakers, but he said, except the singer is nothing like him. And he gave this description supposedly of the lead singer, and, I don't recall what all he said, but it included egotistical and arrogant. Now, I got the sense that Bob was being ironic and actually poking fun at himself. The thing is, though, I totally don't see any of those things in Bob.

After giving the March schedule notes, Bob noted that John Northern (who was in the audience) will open the March 5th (Saturday) show (wow, that's coming soon). Norm commented to John that he's never around when John performs. Bob says "Well, if you'd quite that other band...". :)

After the show 3 of us went over to Cheeseburger in Paradise to see the Nace Brothers. The Nace Brothers play a combination of originals and covers. Hearing them right after a Wednesday Bob show, I couldn't help thinking, I quite like that combination of covers and originals that one gets at both Nace Brothers shows and Wednesday Bob shows.

Speaking of Cheeseburger in Paradise, I noticed on the schedule that Gary Charlson plays there on Saturdays from 12-3 pm.

And speaking of the Nace Brothers, Steve Phillips is producing their new album they're working on. (The basic tracks were recorded at Brent Hoad's studio, and the overdubs and such are being done at Steve's. Why it was done like that I've no clue, and didn't think to ask. Brent Hoad, by the way, says the album is good.)


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