Saturday, April 09, 2005

Bob Walkenhorst, 8 April 2005, Kemper Museum of Contermporary Art

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Good show last night. It's definitely different than Molloy's. Bob joked asking people to light up cigarettes so they'd feel at home. But he added that it's nice to play in a smoke free environment.

I brought my camera, but I realized that I probably shouldn't be doing flash photography in an art museum, and with my camera, indoors with no flash = blurry. I do have one picture to share. It's blurry, but does help give an impression of the show. Or maybe I should call it artsy rather than blurry. ;) That artwork behind them and above their heads, I think I like it better blurry. :)

I did walk around some. Like, in a bar I can usually ignore the visual surroundings mostly, and pay attention to the music and watch the guys on stage. An art museum is a whole nother matter. :)

Though I have some knowledge and appreciation of art, it's really not my thing. I did find some art I quite liked, though. New Works by Mark Sheinkman (Kemper Museum webpage for Mark Sheinkman, Another page with some of his works, not the ones at the Kemper, but same feel). It's all lines, curvy intercrossing lines, and all white and black or grey. Not sure why I like it, but I do.

Then, back watching the show, I was contemplating watching the band versus looking at the art. And it struck me... there's a bit of a resemblence between the art I liked and Bob's hair. :)

I also decided Liam's cuter than Bob. :) Then again, though, I don't think I'd describe Bob as cute. (Liam being Bob's youngest fan, for any who don't recall.)

All songs you've heard before. All originals except "Working on a Building" and of course "Information". Bob did a fair bit of talking to the crowd, but nothing those not there need feel like you missed out on. He wasn't talking for the benefit of us diehard Bob fans. :) Though Bob, of course, is never boring.

A good size crowd there. A number of Bob show regulars that I recognized. And a whole lot of people I didn't recognize. All the chairs were filled, leaving many folks standing.

Beer wine and pop were for sale. The drinks are not allowed in the galleries, but that had small tables set up at the gallery entrances.

I'm not sure how Jeff managed to escape being in the picture. There's his mike, but no Jeff. :)

Picture (blurry, but gives the feel)


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