Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bob Walkenhorst, 13 April 2005

(Posted at the Rainmakers message board)

There's something nice about Wednesday nights.

Bob said, after they'd played several songs, that, after Friday's show at the Kemper art musuem, they'd decided to quit, end on a high note. Or something like that. Obviously he wasn't serious. :)

Friday night's show was good, very good. But it didn't have the magic of Wednesday nights. A different magic, no less good, but, well, different. The weekend shows, the St. Patrick's Day show, the occasional non-Molloy's show, all good, all wonderful. But not the same as Wednesdays.

Bob did comment something like without the Wednesday shows the week would just be a, well, a something of workdays. Wednesday nights break up the work week.

Bob also said (after not having said much to that point in the show) that he used up all his jokes on Friday. :)

I do like Bob's sense of humor. :)

Amusing exchange near the end of the show. The band are deciding what to play next, and someone calls out "Bare Naked Ladies". The band goes "where?". :) Then Bob says that he stopped listening to the radio (or something like that) in 1990, so he doesn't know the stuff from newer bands. Something like that. Well, the band continue on figuring out what to play, and Bob says, to his bandmates, but loud enough for the audience to be able to hear "something we don't know". So, of course, that person in the audience again says "Bare Naked Ladies" (said with a smile). I guess in reality the band have to stick to songs they don't know which they know. :) I believe they wound up playing "Mystery Dance".

Lots of the the regular songs. And a couple different things thrown in. "Battle of New Orleans", written and first recorded by Jimmie Driftwood (that info courtesy of, popularized by Johnny Horton, and recorded by others as well. I know it from the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Thus, during the song, I was thinking that it's been a long time since I've seen them live.

And then they ended the show with "Summertime Blues", which I know from Alan Jackson doing it in the 90s. Originally done by Eddie Cochran, and done by lots of people. That song made me wanna listen to one of my Alan Jackson CDs. :)


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