Monday, May 15, 2006

Liverpool at Liberty Hall, Lawrence KS, May 12, 2006

Liverpool are a Kansas City based Beatles tribute band. (I know there's at least one other Beatles tribute band with that name -- one that plays at Beatles fests -- but this is the Kansas City band.)

I've seen them several times, and always enjoyed it. Always a treat.

You don't have to have seen them to know they have good songs. They play Beatles songs. If you like the Beatles, you like what they play. And they play them well. Play and sing, I should say. With assistance from an offstage keyboard player. Who they do introduce. And I even noticed on a couple songs (I could see from where I was), backstage tamborine. That made me smile, thinking of shows where bands are jamming together, and someone has a tamborine, but are nowhere near a microphone, the tamborine contributing nothing to the sound, just giving one person something to do. Kinda cool and different seeing the opposite -- tamborine used musically, but kept off stage.

Liverpool also do a good job of creating the look and feel of a Beatles show. Or, I should say, of the Beatles, and the time period, and what one would imagine a Beatles show would be like. And the guy who plays Paul is even kinda cute, a definite help in going for authenticity. :)

I really enjoyed Liverpool. Great band. I went to see 1964 The Tribute, another Beatles tribute band, back in January, and I blogged about it. That was a good show, but I like Liverpool better.


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