Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Weston Irish Fest, October 9, 2005, Elders and Brigid's Cross and others

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Switchback were first on the main stage. I wasn't there yet, but I heard some quite positive comments about them.

Brigid's Cross was next. I quite like them. I saw them last year at Weston Irish Fest and was glad to get the opportunity to see them again. They are quite fun. They are a trio, fiddle, keyboards/bohran, and guitar. Plus vocals. And they do some secular songs, and it's fun to hear there versions of them. Paul (I think it was him), the fiddle player said "There are two types of music, Celtic and secular. We do both".

Then there was a pipe and drum corp, Ararat I think, that played during the changover on the main stage. I enjoyed listening, though I walked around rather than sitting and watching.

Next up was Jiggernaut. They were good, though I didn't like them as well as Brigid's Cross. In fact, I left before they were done to catch part of Brigid's Cross's 2nd set, at the Hall stage inside the pub.

(written later in the day) Did I mention I really enjoyed Brigid's Cross? Highlights... they do this song... "Some say the Devil is dead and buried in Kilarney. More say he rose again and joined the British army". I enjoyed the song. It's fun. And, then... at the end of the song, he sings... "and he went down to Georgia..."... and then they go into... well, I bet you all can guess what song. A good fiddle song. :) They also did "Dust in the Wind", which I enjoyed. They had a Celtic instrumental as an intro to it. Oh, and then there's "Doing an Irish Polka". That would be a certain Ricky Martin hit with new words.

Now, their second set was scheduled 4:30 to 5:30 on the indoor stage. And Elders were scheduled to start at 5:10 on the main stage. So, there I am in the cellar watching and listening to Brigid's Cross, who I don't get the opportunity to see/hear as often as the Elders, and I'm trying to figure out when to leave. And I take into consideration that I figure the Elders aren't going to start on time, particularly being as the O'Riada Academy of Irish Dance were performing before them, and last year they went longer than scheduled. I think I left about 5:20 and had time to use the rest room, drink a bit of water, and then get in position to rush the stage.

Folks weren't waiting up front before the Elders started. Nice big empty space in front of the stage. But like within 30 seconds or so of the Elders taking the stage, here comes everybody. The space filled up nicely, though not overcrowded. I did feel a bit lonely up there by myself for a few seconds before everyone else showed up though. :)

I started out in front of Steve, and somehow wound up instead between Brent and Steve. Which is fine.

A few notes about the show.

4 of the O'Riada dancers, one of them being one of Ian's daughters, danced during Buzzz's Jigg.

"Love of the Century"... I used to imagine dancing with a certain guitar player to that song. As in, who in the room would I want to dance with. I don't do that anymore. :) I was remembering that, though, when they played that song.

One of their newer songs, Ian's introduction: "This is a song about us. It's called 'We Need A Miracle'". And, like the other two times I've heard it, still a good song. :) I bet it sounds even better when one's not right up next to the stage. :)

Okay, so, they ended with "Devil's Tongue", as they usually do, went off stage, and, of course, folks wanted an encore. They came back out and did an instrumental and then "10 lb Earhole". Which has the competition to see whether the men or the women have the loudest 10 lb Earhole. Girls went first. Brent takes a microphone and holds it down where several of us females were standing. Hm... suspiscious behavior... don't they always cheat in the boys favor, being guys themselves, when they cheat? So, what does Brent do when it's time for us to sing/shout? He pulls the microphone away. I was too busy laughing to properly yell out. Thankfully, plenty of women were yelling out just fine. The girls won. :)

Oh, a few notes I'm reminded of from the pictures. On "Men of Erin" they had two bagpipers come out and play the tune after the vocals were done. After a while Ian and Tommy joined in on drums. And at some point Norm and Brett joined in. And then Brent joined in on fiddle. That surprised me. And that left Steve the only Elder not playing. :)

And on "Devil's Tongue", Norm came over to Steve's spot and sang with Steve from Steve's microphone when they were doing their 2 part harmony. All the Elders shows I've been to and I do believe that's the first time I've seen them do that.



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