Friday, October 14, 2005

Elders, Shawnee Mission East High School, 14 October 2005

(Posted on the Elders messageboard)

Hey, it's kinda cool to go to an Elders show and be home by 9:30. (Oh, wait, I was home by that time at the last Elders show, but I went out again to see the Nace Brothers. :) Plus that was a Sunday. 8 pm on a Sunday feels later than 9:30 on a Friday. :))

It was an awesome show. The sound at the beginning was, well, not up to the usual Elders standards. But just watching the Shawnee Mission East Choraliers enjoying the Elders more than made up for that. Plus, the sound improved and it actually wound up being one of the best sounding Elders shows I've been to in a while, I think. Supersoundman Buzzz earned his keep, I think. :)

I think the Choraliers earned that $25 (the show was to earn money for their trip to Ireland) just by having fun and thus contributing to a really fun Elders show.

Oh, yeah, and they contributed a little singing too. :) Them singing with the Elders on "Men of Erin" was kinda cool.

I think I was the only person over 18 dancing. But that's okay. And I'm not sure if it's good or bad that I matched (almost) what the (the choir members) all were wearing... black shirt, blue jeans (but my black shirt wasn't plain, but rather a Styx / Peter Frampton t-shirt). (They wore choir robes when they sang.)

"Men of Erin" (the choraliers singing with the Elders) was the 2nd to last song. Followed by "Devil's Tongue". The choir stayed up on stage and were dancing having a good old time. It was fun to watch them. And I could tell watching Steve that he appreciated their enthusiam.

The guys were all busy signing autographs after the show. Well, except Norm, who was out there, but not right at the merchandize table, and not getting hit up for autographs as I walked by. Thus I got to wave at him without waiting in line. (The other 5 of you will just have to imagine me waving at you, I guess. :) Consider yourselves waved at. :))

Oh, and the guys got to be honorary choraliers. They got stoles (same as the ones the choir members have) signed by the choir members.

Norm went to Shawnee Mission East, 1974 graduate. When Ian introduced Norm and mentioned this there were much cheers, of course. Then Ian does the usual "all the way from Lee's Summit Missouri" (or something like that). That didn't go over so well, LOL. They were more enthusiastic for Prairie Village (Brent). The school is in Prairie Village.

This was reserved seating, your ticket tells you where to sit. I got pretty much the perfect seat for me. 2nd role on the outside aisle. Perfect for getting up and dancing on the side. I did sit in my seat a litle bit, though.

The O'Riada Academy of Irish Dance were also good. And they got a [i]very[/i] enthusiastic reaction from the crowd. The even did an encore (a sequence from one of the dance).

$25 is more than I spend on most Elders shows. But, given what I spent on the upcoming trip to Ireland with the Elders, and how much I'm looking forward to going, it seems a small thing to spend $25 to help the choir go to Ireland and see the Elders in exchange. And, as I said, the choir members did a lot to add to the enjoyability of the show.

Oh, yeah, and there's one exception to what I said about the age of the other folks dancing. Plenty of old folks like me (old compared to the high school kids, that is; I'm 36, by the way) dancing for "Love of the Century". Not me, though, as I didn't bring a dance partner with me.

(I didn't take pictures. Sometimes it's nice to have a night off from picture taking. And I wouldn't have gotten good shots with my camera anyway.)

Did I mention I really enjoyed it?


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