Sunday, October 23, 2005

Styx in KC at the American Royal Rodeo PBR Superbull

Yes, the opening act for Styx was 3 hours of bull riding. Well, not 3 hours of actually riding. But you get the point.

But it was cool. Tickets ranged from $10 to $65. Plus ticketmaster fees. Plus parking. The cool thing is, $5 extra gets you on the arena floor for the concert. I paid the $5 extra. Besides, $15 for a cheap seat for the Superbull plus access to the floor for the concert sure beats $29 or $65 for the better seats. Cheaper and closer to the stage.

It's amazing how many people don't spend the $5 for floor access. (Which, because it's a rodeo, the floor is dirt. Oh, and in case you are wondering, they lower the stage from overhead after the rodeo part is done.)

Chuck was there. :) Yay. It's funny watching him playing bass, using a pick, because I'm so used to watching bass players that don't use picks. (It's been a while since that last Styx show with Glen.)

It's funny, for me, and I suspect I'm not alone in this, there are some people I'm a fan of who, being a fan of them is part of my identity, part of how I see myself. And some I like a lot yet don't really have that same identifying myself with being a fan. Tommy Shaw is someone where, it's like, being a Tommy Shaw fan is part of who I am. Glen Burtnik I just don't tend to see it that way. Yet, who was it I was most interested in for those first 15 Styx shows? Glen, not Tommy. It's weird going to a Styx show as a Tommy fan. It's weird not watching Glen.

Anyway, it was a good show. :) I'm glad I went. I'm so spoiled by the Elders and Bob Walkenhorst that it didn't feel like a musical epiphany or anything like that. But it was good. :)


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