Saturday, April 23, 2005

Elders, 22 April 2005, Paddy O'Quigley's

(posted at the Elders board)

"Send a Prayer" is an awesome song. My favorite Elders song. :) But, who knows, maybe when they finish up that new album they are working on I'll find something I like even better. Is it possible?

Hm... this does mean Steve's been dethroned... he no longer sings my favorite Elders song. But, "Ballyman Road" is still a great song.

Good show. As always. But that place is way too crowded. Some how many of us found space to dance anyway. For the songs that inspire me to make my poor attempt at Irish dancing I was rather space inhibited, but for regular old dancing it was fine. I was a little frustrated during "Turnpike", but I did my best jumping in place.

I did a lot more Ian watching than usual. It's interesting to watch him as he sings. And he really is a quite good singer.

I didn't bring my camera this time. I just enjoyed watching and listening.


Blogger mjochim said...

Hey, Ellen -- good idea for a blog; I've often thought about having separate blogs for my differing interests but I'd probably just get confused and post something to the wrong one! (And I'm glad to see you've made the switch to Blogger; I had my first blog on Live Journal, too but made the switch after only a week. I like this platform much more.)

4/24/2005 10:33 PM  

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