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Bob Walkenhorst, 20 April 2005

Posted on the Rainmakers message board

Bob singing a verse of "Downstream" to the tune of "Battle of New Orleans" was definitely funny. And it worked really well, too.

After reading Jim's post earlier this morning, I was thinking about that, and then I went on with my day and I still had "Battle of New Orleans" running through my head. But then... I started singing the wrong words in my head. The words became... "then one day they were shooting at some food when up from the ground came a bubbling crude." Since then I've had a combination of "Battle of New Orleans", "Downstream" and the theme from the Beverly Hillbillies in my head. :)

After the song Bob commented that when he sang it last week he was happy, or proud, or some such word, that he knew all 4 verses. He adds that it turns out there are 9 verses. (He also thanked Jim for the links.)

The J-Walkers shirt Bob was wearing was cool. Though I was thinking it would look better a size smaller. :) Not that I was paying attention or anything. ;)

And I liked Norm's Rainmakers t-shirt, with the monkey. I'm still not sure whether I like that monkey or not. I think I like it better on a t-shirt than the album cover. Still, not sure if I'd wanna wear the t-shirt. But I liked it on Norm.

Bob said it was a coincidence that they both wore those.

Jeff had a K-State Wildcats shirt on. Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. (I lived in Lawrence, KS for a few years... I'm a KU Jayhawks fan.)

"I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" was nice. After mentioning in the past Hank Williams saying "Tell the truth and make it rhyme" it was nice to hear Bob do a Hank Williams tune. B.J. Thomas, who also sang my all time favorite song (done by Bob for my birthday), did a nice recording of that song. (Hm... maybe I should sing that in my head... purge "Battle of Downstream Hillbillies" from my head. :) ) Bob commented that that was one of those songs that they talked about but didn't practice. Not at all by way of apology. It sounded great. And Bob even told us he was bragging.

Bob was born 5 months after Hank Williams death.

The next song was "The Other Side Of The World". (Okay, so I actually forgot what song this was and had to cheat using Jim's report). The song starts out just fine, and then, someone was playing the wrong chords. In all the Bob shows I've been to I think that may be the first time I've heard something that sounded bad. :) Bob stops the song all together and apologizes. And he says that was one of those song they practiced and he plays the wrong chords anyway. He went and got his harmonica, and they restarted from where they left off. After the song, Bob said there's a key change near the end of the song, and he'd played it early.

I got there late. My husband and I watched Ray on DVD Tuesday night, and last night we were watching the extras. Actually, I might have stayed and finished watching the deleted scenes (my husband told me "Bob won't miss you"; me, I figure if he does that's his problem, not mine :) ), but I just couldn't enjoy them knowing it would make me miss the begining of the show. So I left with just enough time to get to there on time. But, then I realized I had less than $1 cash on me, and needed to pay a $3 cover. Oops. So, a quick trip to the bank. I made it for part of the first song, "Eclispe Has Begun". Good song. :)

I forget what the 2nd song of the night was, but I think 3rd was "Skin". I like hearing songs from Skin. As a Bob fan, that's my favorite Rainmakers album. (My overall favorite Rainmakers album, though, for any who care, would be Flirting With The Universe, which beats Skin by a hair. In case anyone's curious.)

Added note. Hats.

Jim mentioned Bobs comment about shoes affecting the show. Norm added, so do hats. Bob said he remembered Norm wearing a hat the first time he saw Norm play, back in the 80s at Parody Hall. No comments were made regarding Bob and hats.

The back of the t-shirt Bob was wearing, the J-Walkers shirt, features the shield shaped thing that's in the following picture:

Bob commented that it's the Norweigan coat of arms, except the guitar. Norm added "and the hat". Bob said he thought the hat was part of it. Norm says "I don't think so".

The actual coat of arms of Norway has the lion wearing a crown, not a top hat. :)

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