Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bob Walkenhorst, 7/27/2005

Bob by himself, without bandmates.

I got there late, because I was a little late leaving, plus I needed to buy gas. The song Bob was playing as I came in was "Life Can Turn". And I really noticed what a good guitar player Bob is. Bob sounds good all by himself. Bob don't need no band.

Sunday at the Elders show I got a picture of Ian Byrne drumming his drumsticks on Steve's guitar. I briefly thought about captioning it "How a drummer plays guitar". But then I thought about Bob and decided that caption don't work. :)

I did miss Norm during "Width of a Line".

And "One More Summer" made me think of Jeff. Jeff does some nice guitar playing on that song.

And during the Rainmakers songs Bob did that are songs he rarely does and doesn't do with his bandmates I thought of Steve Phillips. Well, except "Government Cheese". (Actually, I thought of Steve during that song too, but for different reasons. :)) And not "Tatoo" because I wasn't there yet (I think that's the one someone said I missed, when I asked.) "Remember Me By", especially, I was hearing those guitar parts from the Skin recording in my head.

He also did "Battle of the Roses", which I don't recall him doing before. (But, a search of reveals he did it 2/11/2004 and 2/25/2004.) He should do that one more. Great song. And he sounded really good. No, correction, he made the song sound really good.

Though, there were a few points in the show where I'd have to say Bob sounded dang good. But mostly he made the songs sound good. Bob has a great singing voice, and sometimes I listen to him sing and enjoy his voice. But mostly I don't notice his voice, but instead the song. And that's what makes Bob such a great singer--that it's the song, not the voice, that shines.

After that, "Thirty Days". Another good song that Bob doesn't do much. That one I do recall him doing before.

"Government Cheese"... I did my best to avoid listening to it. So I suppose I can't rightly comment on it in connection with this show. I do recall catching that something was said regarding Bush at or towards the end of the song, though I didn't catch what.

"Atlantic City" was nice.

It was nice to hear "No Abandon" again. :) Good song.

Reading about Jim's surreal moment seeing Bob on TV at Molloy's, I had one of those awhile back. And I hadn't been paying attention to the TV, and didn't know what I was watching, but there was Bob on TV, and then he was gone. I did keep watching and figure out it was a KC on Demand ad.


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