Monday, July 04, 2005

Bob Walkenhorst, July 2, 2005

Last month, when it was Bob, Jeff, and Norm for the weekend show, I expected Bob would bring his drums, and he did. This time, I kinda figured probably not, because he did that last time. And he didn't. The usual Bob, Norm, Jeff set up. :) Though we did get to hear Bob playing tom and snare on Jeff's two songs, "Thinking of You" and "A Little Bit of White Trash in Us All" (or whatever the exact title is). I always like watching Bob play drums.

The show started out pretty mellow. But ended as a dance fest. :)

It was Sharon's birthday. Actually her birthday was the 1st (a month after Bob), the day before. Her birthday request was "Frustration Train". It's always nice to hear that one. The first song of a 3 songs solo set. First time in a while we've gotten a solo set. Next was "I Hope You're Laughing" (I think that's the title), which Bob dedicated to his Uncle who died earlier on Saturday. And then a new song, "No Abandon". Good song. :)

They did "Sympathy For The Devil". And, okay, I took the opportunity for a bathroom break. But it sounded quite good. I remember enjoying listening to the bass and guitar.

Lots of other good stuff. A few other covers. Lots of the originals.

Oh, early on he played "The Day That We Hung Up The Flag" followed by "Masters of War". Later he did "This Land is Your Land", which he said was for Justice O'Conner.


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