Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bob Walkenhorst, June 29, 2005

It must have been a really good show, because we got an encore. Yup, they ended, Bob thanked everyone or whatever exactly he said end of show, he took his guitar off, Norm was putting his shoes (sandles) back on, and the audience was appauding, the continuous "we want an encore" sort of applause. And we got one more song. :)

As for me personally, I was just plain tuckered by the end of the show. Actually, I was tired by 9 pm. It was basically non stop dance tunes. And right there in the first song, well, I tried to stay sitting, wait on the dancing till later. But I couldn't. Nope. Anyway, despite being tired after the first hour, the music energized me so I somehow had energy to keep dancing. After 2 hours, though, I was tuckered. So I sat out the last 2 songs (or the last song and the encore if you prefer). Yeah, they went slightly over 2 hours. Didn't surprise me. Given the energy of the show, I figured they'd go over a little rather than end right on time.

So, I wonder if Saturday is going to be a mellow show again. :) (If there is a Saturday show.)

It wasn't quite totally non stop dance tunes. There was "No Romance" (oh good, I can sit down and take a break, I was thinking). And then later, well, I forget the first, and then "Doomsville", which is actually semi-dancable, and I think some folks were dancing to it, but I gave myself a break.

Someone I was talking to (who I'd just met) commented to me (during the show)that there were lots of Rainmakers songs. I didn't notice at the time, but, thinking about it, I don't remember a lot of covers or solo songs. I recall "Call a Wrecker", "Jan Vermeer" and "Jay Walkers", and "Brown Eyed Girl". (Most of which were after the conversation in question.) Oh yeah, and "Paradise".

Good show. But I've no clue how well that will translate to a recording.

It was a barefoot day. They'd all 3 worn sandles, no socks. Jeff started out the show barefoot. Bob and Norm took there shoes off mid show. Not sure I'd seen Jeff or Norm barefoot, no socks, before. :)

Oh yeah, and "Rock On". Which, while they were playing it, I was pretty sure it was one of those songs where I was familiar with a cover version. And, research shows, it's a 70s song, and there was a cover version in, I think it was 1990. And I forget who did it. :) Either version. :) Actually, there are more than one cover version listed at All Music Guide.

I'm done now. Really. Maybe. ;)


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