Friday, May 27, 2005

Bob Walkenhorst, May 25, 2005

(Posted at the Rainmakers message board.)

They started off with a Dylan tune, "Blowing In the Wind". And Bob said, afterwards, Happy Birthday to Bob Dylan. (Dylan's birthday is May 24th, so it was Tuesday. And now I will forever remember that Dylan's birthday is 8 days before Bob Walkenhorst's birthday. Yes, Bob's birthday is next week, on Wednesday.)

They did "Thinking of You" again, and again with Bob on bongos. Then Bob moved to the regular drums and they did "A Little Bit of White Trash in Us All". I like watching Bob play drums. :) Jeff got to sing a 3rd song later in the show when they did "Paradise". (Or is it obligatory to call it "John Prine's 'Paradise'"?)

3rd to last song was "Let My People Go-Go". 2nd to last was "Hoo Dee Hoo". One of my least favorite songs of Bob's. Not that it's not a good song. But, thinking it might be the last song, I was disappointed it wasn't something I like better. But they did play one more. "Information". That song, I like it, but sometimes it just doesn't move me to dance. Last night, though, it did. I had a good time dancing to it.

It wasn't as good as the previous two shows -- last week and the weekend show the weekend before last. It was a good show. But a little more closer to earth. (Added later: Or maybe I was distracted by picture taking?)

Oh yeah, they did "Battle Of New Orleans" again, by request if I recall correctly, and Bob's British roommate was there, but Bob didn't think about this till after they sang it (or at least after they started singing it).

I really enjoyed Norm's bass playing. I also noticed he had a different bass. Okay, I didn't really think it through that far. I just noticed it looked wrong. :) Plain white pick guard on black bass. That just wasn't right. (Norm has two basses, a plain black one, and a silver one with a pearly white pick guard.)

Well, it was revealed that it's Bob's bass. Why Norm was playing Bob's bass instead of one of his own I don't know. If that was said, I missed it. :) Bob commented "It sounds better when Norm plays it". I can't argue with that. :) Ah, there's some good bass playing on The Beginner, but, still, Bob ain't Norm. :)

So, Bob says he has 3 guitars. A bass, an electric, and an acoustic. Norm corrects him and says no, he has 4. And gives some sort of description. Bob says oh yeah, and says the (I think it was an abbreviation for telecaster) is broke. Norm goes, "That's 5". I think it's funny that Norm was telling Bob what guitars Bob has. I believe Bob did acknowledge 5 to be correct. So, let's see, bass, broken telecaster, black guitar that's on the The Beginner cover and which he used to play at shows in 2003 and early 2004, white guitar similar to guitar on the The Beginner cover (this one he played at one show and no one had a camera that day), and the acoustic he always plays these days. That makes 5, I believe. If I erred somewhere, someone correct me.


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