Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bob Walkenhorst, June 1, 2005

(posted at the Rainmakers message board)

Good show. It was nice sharing Bob's birthday with him. Bob got a few Birthday gifts. Mostly I've no clue what. I do recall what Sharon gave him. An Elvis picture disc LP. Kinda cool. Bob showed it off during the show, and then did "Burning Love". I also recall what I gave Bob. :) I wrote a poem / song (to a folk tune melody) and recorded me singing it. The thing is, giving that as a gift, I don't get to know what Bob thinks of it when I give it. Oh, I know he appreciated that I did it, but I don't know his reaction to reading and / or listening. :)

There were balloons. There was cake.

During one point in the show, between songs, a guitar string was hanging loose off Jeff's guitar. What did Jeff actually break a guitar string? Actually, no. The guitar string remained unbroken. The peg holding it on had popped out. While we all waited for Jeff to fix his guitar, Sharon had the wise thought to sing Happy Birthday to Bob, and she had no trouble getting the rest of us to join in.

There was a good crowd last night. Lots of folks to celebrate Bob's birthday and hear some good music.

Bob noted during the show that the daughter of the teacher saved by Primativo Garcia, the daughter who was still inside her mother when that happened, she was at Primative Garcia School yesterday, with her son, who's name is Primativo. (The daughter lives in California, Bob said. And Bob wasn't there, just knew about it.)

Lots of dancing, which started early. Though I didn't hop out on to the dance floor at the first song, because I saw a non Bob fan friend of mine at the door, and went to talk to him for a bit. (He was looking for Megan the waitress if she still worked there, to wish her a Happy Birthday; he said her birthday was recently. Alas, all he got was a conversation with me and a wave to Norm (he's an Elders fan).)

We got to hear "White Trash" again. Now that it's familiar it doesn't have quite the same lyrical punch as when it was new, but it's still a great song and great to hear. And an added bonus is getting to watch Bob play drums.

Oh yeah, that reminds me off another gift someone got Bob. From someone at the front table, I believe, but I don't know a name. A box of wine. :) Bob, instead of ordering a glass of wine or a Guinness from stage, asked for an empty wine glass, and drank from his box of wine.

And that's all I remember. :)


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